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6 Reasons You’re Not Getting Today’s Best Refinance Rates

Are lenders offering you higher refinance rates than what they’re advertising? Here’s how to keep lenders from charging you higher mortgage rates.

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Mortgage Refinance Denied? What You Should Do Next

Was your mortgage refinance application denied? Here are steps you can take to turn that denial into an approval and pay less at closing.

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7 Mortgage Mistakes That Make You Feel Dumb

Mortgage mistakes steal the benefit you get from the lowest refinance rates and make you feel dumb. Here’s seven mortgage mistakes you need to avoid.

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What To Do When Your Mortgage Refinance Application Is Denied

Did a lender deny your mortgage refinance application? Here are several tips to get your application approved with today’s best mortgage lenders.

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How to Pay Less Refinance Closing Costs

If you want the best deal you need to pay less refinance closing costs. Here are several tips for paying less with today’s best mortgage lenders.

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