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Don’t Get Duped Into Paying Unnecessary Mortgage Fees

One of the most common mortgage mistakes is focusing only on getting the lowest mortgage rate. Here’s how to avoid overpaying like your neighbors.

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4 Steps To Getting The Lowest Refinance Rates

Here are 4 tips for lower refinance rates that could save you thousands of dollars in lender junk fees and unwanted discount points.

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Types of Home Loans & Mortgage Loan Programs

Choosing the right types of home loans and mortgage programs can save you thousands from unnecessary fees and markup. Here’s how to choose wisely.

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Is Getting The Lowest Refinance Rates Worth Paying Discount Points?

Is paying mortgage points a mistake when refinancing or do lenders use discount points to manipulate their “low, low APR” refinance offers?

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How to Get Lower HARP Refinance Rates & Fees

The most common mistake with the Home Affordable Refinance Program is shopping for an approval and not the lowest HARP refinance rates & fees.

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