Tips Before You Refi

Choosing the wrong lender can cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees and hidden markup. Here are several tips before you refi to help you get mortgage rates free of hidden markup and junk fees that saves the average homeowner $1200 a year!

The Hidden Truth About Mortgage Refinancing

Want to lower your payment with today’s best refinance rates? Here’s the hidden truth about mortgage refinancing that could cost you thousands.

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When Mortgage Refinancing Isn’t The Answer

Mortgage refinancing isn’t a smart move for every homeowner. Here’s how to decide if you’ll be losing money taking out a new home loan.

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Thumbnail image for Compare Mortgage Rates: 15 vs. 30 Year Fixed

Compare Mortgage Rates: 15 vs. 30 Year Fixed

Different types of refinance rates could cost or save you as much as $81,000 on your next home loan. Here’s how to compare mortgage rates and save.

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No Closing Cost Refinance

Are you considering no closing cost refinance offers for your next home loan? Is this the best option or will you be overpaying thousand of dollars?

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Buying Down Your Interest Rate

Does buying down your interest rate make sense or it is a waste of money? Here’s a tip that could save you thousands from a common mortgage mistake.

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