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Mortgage Rate Quotes Dirty Secret Revealed

Here’s one mortgage rate quotes secret that could save you thousands of dollars in junk fees and hidden markup.

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Best Mortgage Rate 2009

If you’re considering refinancing your home mortgage loan and are looking for the best mortgage rate in 2009, there are several things you need to know in order to avoid overpaying for the new loan. Most homeowners have heard of mortgage junk fees but very few are familiar with the evils of Yield Spread Premium […]

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How to Refinance Your Home Mortgage Loan and Save

If you are considering refinancing your home mortgage the interest rate you receive is probably your number one concern for the new loan. What you might not know about that mortgage rate is that the quotes you receive are often padded to give your mortgage company a commission. Here are refinancing tips to help you […]

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Insider Mortgage Secrets

If you are in the market for a new mortgage loan, doing your homework before applying can literally save you thousands of dollars and many headaches. The mortgage industry has earned a reputation for sleazy sales tactics rivaling the worst used car salesman; most mortgage brokers today only care about pulling in a six figure […]

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How to Refinance with a Wholesale Mortgage Rate

One of the best kept secrets of the mortgage industry is that your mortgage rate is marked up to give the loan originator a commission. This markup is what makes your mortgage interest rate “retail.” Most homeowners have no idea this has happened or what they can do to avoid the unnecessary markup. Here are […]

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