Wells Fargo Mortgage

Wells Fargo Mortgage Review

Here’s my less-than-unbiased Wells Fargo Mortgage Review to help you avoid making common mortgage mistakes on your next refi.

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Wells Fargo Mortgage Loans

If you are a Wells Fargo customer and are considering refinancing your home mortgage with Wells Fargo mortgage there are several things you should know before making an informed decision about your next home loan. Wells Fargo Mortgage is the second largest mortgage lender in the United States after Countrywide; however, does bigger necessarily mean […]

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Refinancing Banks

You might be considering refinancing your home mortgage loan with your bank or credit union to take advantage of today’s low interest rates. After all, what could be more convenient than simply transferring your mortgage payment out of your checking account? Are bank originated mortgage loans really the best deal for your home mortgage? Here […]

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Mortgage Rate Locking Definition

Locking in your mortgage rate is when the lender backing your mortgage secures the money for your loan at a specific interest rate, term length, and dollar amount. A typical rate lock period is for thirty days but it is possible to lock your interest rate for more or even less time. Keep in mind […]

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Should You Refinance With a Mortgage Banker?

What are mortgage bankers? You hear the term a lot but what’s the actual difference between a mortgage banker and a lender? Simply put, mortgage banks are retail loan originators that fund loans with their own cash. A mortgage broker resells loans for wholesale lenders but the mortgage bank cuts out the middleman, dealing directly […]

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