Mortgage Foreclosure Help

Are you are a homeowner facing foreclosure? There are several options available to you before buyers and investors line up to purchase your home at auction. Getting out of foreclosure might sound difficult; however, the first step in saving your home is to pick up the phone and call your existing lender. Here are several […]

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Understanding Foreclosure

If you’re falling behind on your mortgage payments and are concerned about losing your home, your first step in avoiding foreclosure is to learn how the process works. State laws regarding foreclosure vary widely; however, the rules in “Deed of Trust” States give your lender two options when foreclosing on your loan. Here are the […]

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Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure?

The “credit crisis” along with the predatory lending practices of companies like Countrywide Home Loans has left a record number of homeowners facing foreclosure in the United States. This is the first article in a series I am writing about avoiding foreclosure; if you’re a homeowner in trouble with your mortgage or have already received […]

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