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Should You Refinance Your Home In 2019?

Are you considering home refinancing but aren’t sure if it is a smart decision? Here are several tips to help you avoid making an expensive mistake.

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Beware Unnecessary Discount Points

Are discount points a wast of money when refinancing your home? Click here for a tip that will save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees.

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Your Right of Rescission

What is your Right of Rescission and how does it protect you when refinancing? Click here to find out how you’re protected from buyer’s remorse.

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Two More Common Mortgage Refinancing Mistakes

Common mortgage mistakes cost your neighbors thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees and markup. Here’s two you’ll want avoid refinancing your home.

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Should I Refinance?

Should I Refinance is a common question that often leads to common mortgage mistakes; these mortgage refinancing tips could save you thousands.

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