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How to Refinance With a Wholesale Mortgage Rate

Refinancing your mortgage with a wholesale mortgage rate can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary finance charges. By doing your homework before refinancing you will not only learn how to take advantage of the wholesale nature of mortgage interest rates, but learn how to avoid the junk fees added by your broker and lender. […]

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FHA Secure Mortgage Refinancing

Until recently FHA mortgage loans have been slipping into obscurity. Congress has even been talking about doing away with the FHA program; however, the recent meltdown of the sub-prime (bad credit) mortgage industry has brought FHA insured mortgage loans back into the spotlight. President Bush has proposed expanding the FHA program this year (FHASecure) to […]

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Does Mortgage Refinancing Make Sense For You?

There are a variety of good reasons for refinancing your mortgage. Many homeowners refinance because they want a better mortgage rate, a lower payment, they’re unhappy with the lender, or need to borrow cash from their home equity. These are all valid reasons for refinancing your mortgage, despite the so called “two percent rule.” The […]

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Mortgage Refinancing Advice

If you are in the process of refinancing your home mortgage you might have discovered that everyone and their cousin Jim has advice for you on finding the best deal. While most of the individuals offering advice have good intentions, there is a lot of bad advice and misinformation available, especially online that could cost […]

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Mortgage Refinancing: Watch out for Teaser Rates on Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans

Are you considering mortgage refinancing with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage? If so, you will undoubtedly run across some very competitive mortgage rates. Are these low rates really a good deal? They could be a good deal, but maybe not. Here are several things to lookout for when mortgage refinancing with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Teaser […]

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