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What Clark Griswold Can Teach You About Refinance Rates

Thinking about refinancing your mortgage during the holidays? These common mistakes could cost you the lowest refinance rates.

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Get Mortgage Refinancing Approved By Challenging That Low Appraisal

If you’ve been unable to take advantage of the lowest refinance mortgage rates from today’s best mortgage lenders because of a low appraisal, you’re in good company.  Millions of homeowners in the United States can’t qualify for mortgage refinancing because of an unfavorable loan-to-value ratio.  Did you know you can challenge that low appraisal and […]

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Best Rated Mortgage Companies

If you’re looking for the best rated mortgage companies beware common mortgage mistakes that can cost you thousand of dollars on your home refi.

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How Much Can You Borrow When Mortgage Refinancing?

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of today’s best refinance rates on your mortgage refi you might wonder how much you can borrow on your new home loan. There are factors including your gross income and debt-to-income ratio along with your credit score that also impact the amount you can borrow when mortgage refinancing. Here’s […]

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Refinance No Closing Costs Common Mortgage Mistakes

If you’re considering a refinance no closing costs offer this case study will show you how much you’ll be overpaying for mortgage refinancing.

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