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Mortgage Refinance Options

If you’re considering your mortgage refinance options here are several tips that could save you as much as $1200 per year.

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Origination Fee and Points

Here’s how to pay less for your loan origination fee and closing costs when refinancing saving thousands of dollars in the process.

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YSP Mortgage Broker Payment

Many homeowners don’t know how their mortgage broker is paid for the work they do arranging their home loans. Your Broker is compensated for their work from two sources; understanding how this compensation works will help you avoid paying too much for your next mortgage loan. Here are several tips to help you understand how […]

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How to Read Your HUD-1 Settlement Statement

If you’re in the process of closing on a new mortgage loan to purchase your home or refinance an existing mortgage, you might find the paperwork provided confusing and misleading. You may have already received a copy of the Good Faith Estimate from your discount mortgage broker and are finding that the actual closing costs […]

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Yield Spread Premium for Dummies

Many homeowners have never heard of Yield Spread Premium and do not understand why their mortgage rate is marked up. Yield Spread Premium sounds complicated; however, once you understand why it’s there, you can avoid paying this unnecessary markup. Cutting the fat from your mortgage rate by as little as a quarter point can lower […]

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