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Mortgage Refinance Opportunities Abound if You Qualify

Mortgage interest rates are near their lowest levels in fifty years if you qualify; however, getting qualified can be tricky unless you have pristine credit. You’ll still be able to get a mortgage refinance loan with less than perfect credit; it just might not be the lowest refinance rates you were expecting. Here’s an article […]

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Mortgage Refinance Myths Can Cost You Thousands

If you’re thinking about a mortgage refinance loan there is no time like the present to take advantage of the best refinance rates in fifty years. While getting today’s low mortgage rates is easy for most, the trick is avoiding unnecessary fees and markup. According to these three mortgage refinance myths cost homeowners thousands […]

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Refinance Mortgage Rates

Want the lowest refinance mortgage rates for your next home loan? This tip could save you $1200 a year or more.

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Best Refinance Mortgage For Your Next Home Loan

How to get the best refinance mortgage for your next home loan without paying junk fees.

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Loan Origination Fee or Yield Spread Premium?

Should you pay a loan origination fee or get a no-fee mortgage when refinancing? The wrong choice will cost you thousands of dollars unnecessarily.

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