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Why Aren’t I Getting Today’s Best Refinance Rates?

Mortgage rate shopping? You might be disappointed that you’re not qualifying for today’s best refinance rates. Here’s why and what to do about it.

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Mortgage Refinance Opportunities Abound if You Qualify

Mortgage interest rates are near their lowest levels in fifty years if you qualify; however, getting qualified can be tricky unless you have pristine credit. You’ll still be able to get a mortgage refinance loan with less than perfect credit; it just might not be the lowest refinance rates you were expecting. Here’s an article […]

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When to Lock in Your Mortgage Refinance Rate

Locking in your mortgage refinance rate is a gamble that could save or cost you money. Knowing when to lock or when to float your mortgage rate can be a difficult decision. Here’s an article by Dan Green at with some insight on when locking your mortgage refinance rates is a good idea: When […]

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The Hidden Cost of Refinancing Your Mortgage

There is a hidden cost of refinancing that results in overpaying thousands of dollars from a common mortgage mistake.

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Mortgage Refinance Myths Can Cost You Thousands

If you’re thinking about a mortgage refinance loan there is no time like the present to take advantage of the best refinance rates in fifty years. While getting today’s low mortgage rates is easy for most, the trick is avoiding unnecessary fees and markup. According to these three mortgage refinance myths cost homeowners thousands […]

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