Mortgage Refinancing Terminology

Mortgage Rates Information

Getting the right mortgage rate information can save you from a costly mistake… Here is what you need to know today.

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Mortgage Loan Origination Fees

Mortgage loan origination fees could cost you thousands of dollars unnecessarily; here’s how you can avoid a costly mistake with your home loan.

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Mortgage Refinance Information

If you’ve been considering a mortgage refinance for your existing home loan, now is an excellent time to take advantage of historically low interest rates. As a homeowner in today’s pinched economy you might be concerned about overpaying for the new mortgage. While mortgage refinancing is not for everyone it makes sense if you are […]

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Refinancing Banks

You might be considering refinancing your home mortgage loan with your bank or credit union to take advantage of today’s low interest rates. After all, what could be more convenient than simply transferring your mortgage payment out of your checking account? Are bank originated mortgage loans really the best deal for your home mortgage? Here […]

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Par Mortgage Rates Definition

If you are considering refinancing your existing home mortgage loan a par mortgage rate could save you thousands of dollars every year that you have the mortgage. The problem is that all of the mortgage rate quotes you see online and from your local mortgage companies include some markup to create a commission for the […]

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