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Should I Refinance Now Or Will Rates Drop Again?

Now that mortgage refinance rates are going up are you questioning “Should I refinance?” Here are several tips to help you including paying less.

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6 Tips For Getting The Best Mortgage Rates

Want the best mortgage rates without paying unnecessary lender fees? Here are 6 tips for getting a better deal than your neighbors.

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A Practical Guide To Negotiating For The Lowest Refinance Rates & Fees

Did you know negotiating for the lowest refinance rates and fees can save you thousands? Here’s how to haggle with mortgage lenders for the best deal.

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Locking vs. Floating Your Mortgage Refinance Rates

When should you lock your refinance rates to get the lowest payment? Here are several tips for getting the best deal on your next home loan.

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Why Annual Percentage Rate Sucks

Here’s why choosing a mortgage based on APR is likely to get you the most expensive home loan and what you can do to avoid overpaying your lender.

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