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Should You Get an Appraisal Before Your Mortgage Refinance?

If you’re considering a mortgage refinance to take advantage of today’s best refinance rates, you might be concerned that you have enough equity in your home to qualify. Mortgage lenders have tightened their standards for mortgage refinance approval and one factor they look at is the loan-to-value ratio of your home’s equity. If you’re unsure […]

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Best Home Mortgage Refinancing Company

Choose the wrong home mortgage refinancing company and you’ll overpay thousands of dollars every year that you’re paying on your home loan.

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Mortgage Rate Quotes Dirty Secret Revealed

Here’s one mortgage rate quotes secret that could save you thousands of dollars in junk fees and hidden markup.

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Getting the Lowest Mortgage Rate Possible

When it comes to getting your home loan, nearly everyone wants to get the lowest mortgage rate possible. The question is how to do this…the answer doesn’t have to be as confusing as it might seem. The first step to getting the best mortgage rates possible is for you to understand how mortgage rates are […]

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Sample Good Faith Estimate

Many homeowners rely on the Good Faith Estimate when comparison shopping for a mortgage loan. While it’s true that the Good Faith Estimate gives you more information than the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) there are important limitations you need to be aware of before choosing a lender based on this document. Here are several tips […]

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