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Common Mortgage Mistakes That Cost You Thousands of Dollars

These common mortgage mistakes cost homeowners thousands of dollars every year; here’s how to avoid making them on your next mortgage refi.

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Refinance Mortgage Rates – Banks vs Brokers

Will choosing a bank over a mortgage broker get you the best refinance mortgage rates or cost you thousands of dollars in hidden markup and junk fees?

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Mortgage Refinancing With Wholesale Rates Will Save You Thousands

Mortgage Refinancing with wholesale rates can save you thousands of dollars once you know how to get them; here’s several tips to get you started.

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Best Home Mortgage Refinancing Company

Choose the wrong home mortgage refinancing company and you’ll overpay thousands of dollars every year that you’re paying on your home loan.

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Choosing The Best Refinance Companies When Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage Refinancing can save you thousands of dollars if you avoid these junk fees and hidden markup of your new home loan.

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