Mortgage Interest Rate

Today’s Fixed Mortgage Rate

If you’re looking for today’s fixed mortgage rate online there are several things you’ll want to know to avoid overpaying.

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The Ugly Truth About Bank Mortgage Rates

Are you refinancing with a bank mortgage loan? Here’s the ugly truth you need about bank mortgage rates to avoid paying too much.

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Cash Out Mortgage Refinancing

If you’re considering cash out mortgage refinancing here’s how you avoid overpaying thousands of dollars in junk fees and markup.

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Getting the Lowest Mortgage Rate Possible

When it comes to getting your home loan, nearly everyone wants to get the lowest mortgage rate possible. The question is how to do this…the answer doesn’t have to be as confusing as it might seem. The first step to getting the best mortgage rates possible is for you to understand how mortgage rates are […]

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The Fed Rate Cut And Refinancing Your Mortgage

The Federal Reserve Cut Interest Rates Again Today For The Second Time In Eight Days…Should You Refinance Your Mortgage Now? With all the talk of interest rate cuts refinancing has become a hot topic for many homeowners. Here are the answers to several common questions regarding the current rate cuts and deciding if taking out […]

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