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Mortgage Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance Definition

Your mortgage payment that includes loan Principal, mortgage Interest, property Taxes, and homeowner Insurance is commonly referred to as PITI. Payments of this type are often paid through an escrow company. Your mortgage lender will receive the loan principle an interest to pay down your mortgage loan. The escrow company will then pay your homeowners […]

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Balloon Mortgage Risks

Balloon mortgages are home loans that have a payment schedule based on long term repayment but have the entire balance due after a shorter period of time. As an example a seven year balloon mortgage would have payments based on a 30 year term length but the entire remaining balance will be due after seven […]

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Mortgage Amortization Definition

Your home loan’s amortization schedule is the breakdown of repayment necessary to pay off your mortgage loan. There are two parts to your mortgage payment: loan principle that pays down your balance and loan interest. Your amortization schedule shows you how much of your payment is applied to the loan principle and how much is […]

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Home Appraisal Definition

When you take out a mortgage the appraisal is part of the package sent to underwriting at your lender. It doesn’t matter if the mortgage is to purchase your home or to refinance, you must have a recent appraisal in order for the lender to approve your home loan. Your home’s appraisal is an estimate […]

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HUD-1 Statement Definition

The HUD-1 Settlement Statement is one of the most important loan documents you will encounter when taking out a mortgage loan. The information on your HUD-1 can make the difference between getting a good home loan and overpaying thousands of dollars. The HUD-1 Settlement Statement is defined as a loan document required by the Real […]

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