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Mortgage Brokers Why to Avoid

Mortgage Broker Refinancing – Finding The Right Person For The Job

If you are considering using a mortgage broker to refinance your home mortgage loan, there are several things you need to know before choosing a broker. Mortgage brokers are very similar to used car salesmen as the more you pay the higher their commission will be. Mortgage lenders actually pay an incentive to brokers for […]

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How to Refinance Your Home With The Right Mortgage Broker

Finding the right person to originate your mortgage can mean the difference between refinancing with a perfect loan and making an expensive mistake. Mortgage brokers work on commission just like a used car salesman; many rely on many of the same sales tactics. Here are several tips to help you find the right mortgage broker […]

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Mortgage Refinancing Yield Spread Premium

If you’re a homeowner considering a new mortgage, learning about Yield Spread Premium is well worth your time. If you unknowingly accept a loan that includes Yield Spread Premium you could overpay thousands of dollars every year you keep the loan. What is Yield Spread Premium? Simply put, it is interest rate markup by the […]

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Mortgage Brokers-Why to Avoid

If you are considering refinancing your home loan with a mortgage broker, you might want to reconsider. Mortgage brokers can be an excellent resource when refinancing; however, if you’re not careful you could find yourself overpaying thousands of dollars. Here are several reasons that you might reconsider refinancing your home loan with a mortgage broker. […]

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