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Should I Refinance Now Or Will Rates Drop Again?

Now that mortgage refinance rates are going up are you questioning “Should I refinance?” Here are several tips to help you including paying less.

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How to Pay Less Refinance Closing Costs

If you want the best deal you need to pay less refinance closing costs. Here are several tips for paying less with today’s best mortgage lenders.

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No Closing Cost Refinance

Are you considering no closing cost refinance offers for your next home loan? Is this the best option or will you be overpaying thousand of dollars?

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How to Avoid Paying Your Loan Origination Fee

Here’s how to avoid paying the origination fee when refinancing your mortgage and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars.

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Overpaying The Loan Origination Fee Could Screw Up Your Refi

If you’re considering refinancing the loan origination fee can make or break the deal you’re getting. Here’s what you need know to avoid overpaying.

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