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Smarter Home Loan Interest Rate Comparison Shopping

Mortgage fees make or break the deal you’re getting. Here’s how to use the new Good Faith Estimate for a Smarter Home Loan Interest Rate Comparison.

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Should You Refinance Again in 2013?

Did you refinance your mortgage a year or two ago only to watch mortgage rates plummet? Here’s how to decide if refinancing again is a smart move.

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How to Beat Your Bank Getting The Best Refinance Rates

There’s more to getting the lowest refinance rates than just picking a lender. Here’s how to pay less by avoiding junk fees and discount points.

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A Practical Guide To Negotiating For The Lowest Refinance Rates & Fees

Did you know negotiating for the lowest refinance rates and fees can save you thousands? Here’s how to haggle with mortgage lenders for the best deal.

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What is a Mortgage Broker?

Should you use a mortgage broker to arrange your next home loan? Click for several tips that could help you avoid paying unnecessary points and junk fees.

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