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Rebuilding American Homeownership: Yet Another Government Refinance Program

Rebuilding American Homeownership is a government refinance program for homeowners that cannot qualify for the Home Affordable Refinance Program.

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Harp 3.0 FAQ: What You Need to Know

HARP 3.0 rumors are buzzing about changes to this government refinance program. Here’s what you need to know to qualify AND avoid unnecessary fees.

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Mortgage Rates Today

Here are several of my best tips for finding the best mortgage rates today without paying unnecessary points or lender junk fees.

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What HARP Changes Mean For Underwater Mortgage Refinancing

Disappointed that you didn’t qualify for HARP for your underwater mortgage? Sweeping changes by President Obama could help a million qualify.

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Finding Mortgage Refinance Rates Without Paying Junk Fees

It’s no secret that mortgage refinance rates are at their lowest in nearly fifty years; however, if you want a good deal you still need to avoid fees.

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