Best Mortgage Rate 2009

If you’re considering refinancing your home mortgage loan and are looking for the best mortgage rate in 2009, there are several things you need to know in order to avoid overpaying for the new loan. Most homeowners have heard of mortgage junk fees but very few are familiar with the evils of Yield Spread Premium […]

Par Mortgage Rates Definition

If you are considering refinancing your existing home mortgage loan a par mortgage rate could save you thousands of dollars every year that you have the mortgage. The problem is that all of the mortgage rate quotes you see online and from your local mortgage companies include some markup to create a commission for the […]

How to Shop for a Mortgage Broker When Refinancing

Most homeowners know very little about how mortgage brokers are compensated for their work. They assume that the origination fee listed on their Good Faith Estimate is the broker’s commission for the home loan; however, what you don’t know about mortgage broker fees could cost you a lot of money. Here are several tips and […]

Refinancing Home Loan

When the Federal Reserve lowers short term interest rates mortgage refinancing becomes a hot topic for many homeowners. If you are considering refinancing your mortgage but are concerned about paying too much there are several things you need to know about shopping for a new home loan. Here are several tips to help you refinance […]