How to Refinance a Mortgage

Should I Refinance My Home Mortgage?

Answering the question “Should I Refinance” will help you avoid an costly mistake. Here’s how to decide if paying for a new mortgage is a good idea.

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How To Refinance Your Mortgage & Save

Mortgage refinancing can be a confusing, frustrating process for many homeowners. Here’s how to get a better deal and pay less than your neighbors.

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Get The Lowest Refinance Rates Without Overpaying

Getting the lowest refinance rates benefits you by lowering your payment, all good unless you fall into the trap of overpaying lender fees.

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Beware Free Credit Report Dot Scam

It’s important to check your credit reports before refinancing…just watch out for free credit report dot scams.

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Verbal Interest Rate Lock

Does a verbal interest rate lock really lock your mortgage rate? Here are tips that could help you avoid an expensive mistake…

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