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Should I Refinance Now Or Will Rates Drop Again?

Now that mortgage refinance rates are going up are you questioning “Should I refinance?” Here are several tips to help you including paying less.

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Home Refinance Tips Your Lender Will Wish You Didn’t Know

These tips for lower home refinance rates could save you $1200 from lender junk fees closing on your next mortgage loan.

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Refinance Mortgage Rates

Want the lowest refinance mortgage rates for your next home loan? This tip could save you $1200 a year or more.

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Home Refinance Rates Online

Want the best home refinance rates for your next mortgage loan? Here’s one dirty secret your lender doesn’t want you to know.

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Loan Origination Fee or Yield Spread Premium?

Should you pay a loan origination fee or get a no-fee mortgage when refinancing? The wrong choice will cost you thousands of dollars unnecessarily.

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