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Should You Pay a Loan Origination Fee?

Is the loan origination fee a junk fee that you should avoid or will paying the broker at closing help you avoid being a sucker for other fees?

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Understanding Mortgage Refinance APR

If you’re shopping for a mortgage refinance and are using the Annual Percentage Rate to compare mortgage offers you’re not getting an apples-to-apples comparison of what’s out there. While providing an Annual Percentage Rate APR is required by Truth-in-Lending laws, there is no standard for how lenders calculate this figure. If you’re searching for the […]

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Mortgage Refinance Tips Save You Thousands of Dollars

Here are several of my best tips before you refi to save you thousands of dollars from unnecessary fees on your next mortgage refinance.

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Mortgage Refinancing With Your Bank

Is bank mortgage refinancing the best way to avoid junk fees or does your bank have a dirty little secret?

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Refinance FHA Home Loan

Looking for a refinance FHA home loan that doesn’t include markup or junk fees? This little tip could save you thousands.

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