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Mortgage Government Help

If you are a homeowner with an adjustable rate mortgage that you soon will not be able to afford and are considering government help, there are several things you need to know about these loans. The program you should consider for mortgage government help is known as FHASecure. Here are the facts you need to […]

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Current FHA Mortgage Rate

You may have found this site searching for information on current FHA rates. Finding out about government programs to refinance your home can be confusing, especially if you don’t know where to start. FHA programs are government insured loans; there are no set FHA mortgage rates…finding an accurate source for rate information becomes more difficult […]

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FHA Secure Refinance

The FHA Secure mortgage program helps homeowners who are falling behind on their Adjustable Rate Mortgages and could be risking foreclosure. This program is currently limited to homeowners that purchased their homes with Adjustable Rate Mortgages scheduled to reset; however, it could be expanded in the future to include homeowners with Fixed Rate Mortgage loans. […]

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FHA Secure Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have been answering a number of questions regarding President Bush’s expansion of the FHA loan program with FHA Secure. I’ve decided to consolidate these questions into an FHA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will be updated frequently as the program develops. Who is FHASecure Intended to Help? There are currently just over two million […]

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FHA Secure Mortgage Refinancing

Until recently FHA mortgage loans have been slipping into obscurity. Congress has even been talking about doing away with the FHA program; however, the recent meltdown of the sub-prime (bad credit) mortgage industry has brought FHA insured mortgage loans back into the spotlight. President Bush has proposed expanding the FHA program this year (FHASecure) to […]

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