Fed Rate Cut

E-Loan Deceives Mortgage Shoppers

Take a trip to the E-Loan website and you’ll be greeted by a graphic of the US Capital building announcing that the “Fed Cuts Rates,” to 1.00% down 1.2 a point. That’s truly amazing…but what does that have to do with mortgage rates? Absolutely nothing. The rate cut that took place on 10/29/2008 was to […]

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The Fed Rate Cut And Refinancing Your Mortgage

The Federal Reserve Cut Interest Rates Again Today For The Second Time In Eight Days…Should You Refinance Your Mortgage Now? With all the talk of interest rate cuts refinancing has become a hot topic for many homeowners. Here are the answers to several common questions regarding the current rate cuts and deciding if taking out […]

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Refinancing Your Mortgage Loan During a Recession

Every time you turn on the television these days it seems like the news is bad. Today the story was “World Markets Plummet” like a newspaper headline from a comic book. While today’s news may be filled with stories of higher unemployment and a faltering economy, there is good news for homeowners who are looking […]

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