Current FHA Rate

FHA Mortgage Refinancing

Are you thinking about mortgage refinancing with an FHA loan? You’ve probably heard that mortgage rates are at a five year low and that the FHA refinance loans have been updated and are once again very popular. Fortunately for you, FHA loans now present an excellent opportunity for you to refinance and save some money […]

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FHA Mortgage Definition

FHA mortgages are a type of government backed home loan. While FHA mortgage loans have been around for some time, the program was recently expanded to include FHASecure loan offerings to assist homeowners with adjustable rate mortgages that they can no longer afford. Here is the basic definition of FHA Mortgage Loans. FHA Mortgage Loans […]

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Current FHA Mortgage Rate

You may have found this site searching for information on current FHA rates. Finding out about government programs to refinance your home can be confusing, especially if you don’t know where to start. FHA programs are government insured loans; there are no set FHA mortgage rates…finding an accurate source for rate information becomes more difficult […]

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