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Who is the Best Mortgage Company for Your Next Home Loan?

Who is the best mortgage company for your next home loan? Should You go with an industry giant like Amerisave or a smaller lender in your hometown?

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RefiAdvisor Case Study: Mortgage Refinancing Without Overpaying

This RefiAdvisor case study illustrates one of the most common mortgage mistakes regarding the loan origination fee and closing costs on your refi.

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No Cost Mortgage Refinancing Is Just a Marketing Trick

Are you thinking about refinancing your home loan with a no fee or flat fee mortgage? You can’t turn on the television these days without seeing Ditech’s so-called “Flat Fee” mortgage or no fee home loans from Bank of America, but what’s the catch? If you think that these deals sound too good to be […]

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Deceptive Mortgage Advertising: It’s a No Brainer

You’ve probably seen the television ads claiming that no cost mortgage refinancing is “a no brainer.” Advertisers love to claim that they’ll pay your closing costs and offer zero cost refinancing. Most homeowners responding to these offers don’t realize how much of a lie no cost refinancing is. Here is the truth you need to […]

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How to Compare Closing Costs When Refinancing Your Mortgage

Mortgage refinance closing costs can be one of the most frustrating and confusing aspects of refinancing your mortgage. Settlement charges are rarely explained and vary widely from lender to lender. How do you know that the settlement charges listed on your Good Faith Estimate are accurate and fair? Are any of the third party charges […]

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