California Mortgage Refinance

Refi Problems You Need to Avoid

If you are considering refinancing your home mortgage loan you might be concerned about refi problems that can arise during the closing process. There are a number of junk fees and markup that can turn that new mortgage loan you’re applying for into an expensive mistake. Here are several tips to help you avoid Refi […]

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California Mortgage Refinance – Beware Computerized Loan Origination Fees

If you are in the process of refinancing your California home mortgage on the Internet, Computerized Origination fees could cost you as much as $1,300 for your new loan. This happens to homeowners who do not read disclosure statements found on many of the mortgage sites found online. When shopping for a new California mortgage […]

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What Mortgage Companies Do Not Want You to Know When Refinancing

If you are in the process of refinancing your home loan, your mortgage company has a dirty secret they don’t want you to know. This secret is how mortgage companies overcharge homeowners for the interest rates they receive. If you learn how to recognize this markup of your mortgage interest rate you will save thousands […]

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California Mortgage Refinance: Shopping for the Best Loan

If you are considering a new mortgage to refinance you California home, comparison shopping can save you a lot of money if you do it correctly. Before evaluating loan offers you need to have a discussion with potential mortgage companies and brokers regarding Yield Spread Premium. The high cost of California real estate severely magnifies […]

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California Home Loan Refinance

If you are considering refinancing your California home loan, there are a number of costly pitfalls you need to be aware of. The high cost of homes in California is bad enough without every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a mortgage license helping themselves to your money; however, that’s exactly how mortgage loans work. Yield […]

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