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How to Beat Your Bank Getting The Best Refinance Rates

There’s more to getting the lowest refinance rates than just picking a lender. Here’s how to pay less by avoiding junk fees and discount points.

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Are You Falling For These Mortgage Lender “Sucker” Fees?

Do you want the best refinance rates for your next mortgage without unnecessary fees? Here’s how to avoid lender “sucker” fees when refinancing.

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Why Do The Best Refinance Rates Change So Much?

If you’ve ever been mortgage rate shopping you might wonder why the best refinance rates can change so much. Equally confusing is why the fees charged by brokers for loan origination and lender closing costs can vary so much. (Here’s a tip: mortgage origination fees and closing costs are negotiable.) Check out this article from […]

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In Your 50s? Should You Get Today’s Best Refinance Rates?

If you’re in your 50s and thinking about mortgage refinancing there are things you want to consider beyond getting the best refinance rates and fees. Retirement is probably at the front of your mind and with all of your budget concerns do you really want to reset your home loan back to 30 years? Be […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Best Refinance Rates – Part I

Want the best refinance rates without junk fees for your next home loan? Here are several of my best tips before you refi to save you thousands.

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