Best Refinance Mortgage Rates

How To Get The Best Refinance Rates

Want the best refinance rates without paying unnecessary fees? Here’s how to avoid the common mortgage mistakes costing your neighbors thousands.

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Should I Refinance? The Rule of Thumb Has Changed

Gone is the two percent rule of mortgage refinancing. Here’s how to answer the question Should I Refinance and get the best deal.

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Why Annual Percentage Rate is Crap for Refinance Rate Shopping

Relying on Annual Percentage Rate when shopping for the lowest refinance rates will often get you a mortgage with the highest closing costs.

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Best Mortgage Rates

If you’re refinancing and want the best mortgage rates here’s how to get the lowest mortgage possible without junk fees.

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Best Refinance Mortgage Loan

Are you looking for the Best Refinance Mortgage and don’t want to pay too much? Here are several tips to help you help you avoid junk fees and mortgage rate markup.

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