Bank of America No Fee Mortgage

Should Banks do Mortgages?

Bank mortgage refinancing could be an expensive mistake thanks to a loophole in disclosure laws that protect you from dirty lenders; here’s why.

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Refinancing Banks

You might be considering refinancing your home mortgage loan with your bank or credit union to take advantage of today’s low interest rates. After all, what could be more convenient than simply transferring your mortgage payment out of your checking account? Are bank originated mortgage loans really the best deal for your home mortgage? Here […]

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Wells Fargo Mortgage Review Part 1

Wells Fargo Mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank, one of the largest banks created following a merger with Norwest bank and is currently the second largest mortgage lender behind Countrywide home loans. Are you considering refinancing with Wells Fargo Mortgage or do you already have a mortgage from Wells Fargo? Here are several […]

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No Fee Mortgages

No fee mortgage refinancing simply doesn’t exist. You’ll see advertisers on television like Bank of America bragging about their no cost, no fee mortgages; however, no cost mortgage refinancing is a lie. Here is the truth you need to know about no fee mortgage refinancing to prevent falling victim to these empty promise of no […]

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Deceptive Mortgage Advertising: It’s a No Brainer

You’ve probably seen the television ads claiming that no cost mortgage refinancing is “a no brainer.” Advertisers love to claim that they’ll pay your closing costs and offer zero cost refinancing. Most homeowners responding to these offers don’t realize how much of a lie no cost refinancing is. Here is the truth you need to […]

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