Annual Percentage Rate

Why Annual Percentage Rate is Crap for Refinance Rate Shopping

Relying on Annual Percentage Rate when shopping for the lowest refinance rates will often get you a mortgage with the highest closing costs.

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Online Refinance Rates Without Paying Junk Fees

Want the best online refinance without paying unnecessary fees? Here are several tips before you refinance to help you get the best deal.

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Rate vs. APR

Should you compare mortgage rate vs APR when shopping for a mortgage? Here’s why the Annual Percentage Rate is deceptive and could cost you a bundle.

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How to Get the Best Daily Mortgage Rates

Did you know choosing the lowest APR from daily mortgage rates gets the highest closing costs? Click here to learn how to avoid this costly mistake.

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Refinance Rates vs. APR: Beware Common Mortgage Mistakes

Are you shopping for your home loan using APR instead of refinance rates? If so, you’re making a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars.

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