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The Truth About No Cost Refinance Loans Revisited

Do you need a no cost refinance to take advantage of current mortgage rates? The truth lenders don’t want you to know that could save you thousands.

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Overpaying The Loan Origination Fee Could Screw Up Your Refi

If you’re considering refinancing the loan origination fee can make or break the deal you’re getting. Here’s what you need know to avoid overpaying.

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Refinance No Closing Costs

Fact: Refinance no closing costs home loans result in overpaying thousands of dollars in unnecessary markup and junk fees every year.

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Lowest Current Home Loan Interest Rate

Want the lowest current home loan interest rate for your mortgage? Here’s a dirty secret you need to know that’ll cost homeowners sixteen billion this year.

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The Truth About Home Refinance Rates

The ugly truth about home refinance rates could save you as much as $1200 per year on your next home loan.

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