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Are 15 Year Mortgage Rates Always The Best Option?

Choosing 15 year mortgage rates can quickly build equity in your home but could also be a waste of money for some homeowners.

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Avoid These Refinance Traps

Avoid these Refinance Traps and you’ll save thousands of dollars in unnecessary mortgage junk fees every year.

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How to Get the Lowest Mortgage Payment When Refinancing Your Home Loan

There is a hidden fee that drives up your mortgage payment unnecessarily when refinancing, costing you thousands of dollars. Here’s what you can do about it.

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Mortgage Refinancing Breakdown

A mortgage refinancing breakdown can help you avoid overpaying for your next home loan. Here’s how.

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Origination Fee and Points

Here’s how to pay less for your loan origination fee and closing costs when refinancing saving thousands of dollars in the process.

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