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4 Mortgage Refinancing Roadblocks

Looking for today’s lowest refinance mortgage rates for your next home loan? Here are 4 common roadblocks that could sideline your application.

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Today’s 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate

If you are considering taking advantage of this month’s low mortgage rates but don’t want to pay too much when refinancing there are several things you need to know about the rate quotes you receive. Here are several tips to help you make sense of it all and avoid paying too much when refinancing your […]

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30 Year Mortgage Rates FAQ

If you’re in the market to refinance your home mortgage loan and search for 30 year mortgage rate information on the internet, you’re bound to find a lot of confusing and conflicting information. How do you sort through the obvious crap and find honest rate information that does not include needles sales markup like the […]

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Mortgage Loan Approval Is Becoming More Difficult

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to get approved for a mortgage loan even with good credit. Mortgage lenders have been tightening standards for approval due to the credit crunch of late…and the end of the crisis is not yet in sight. Here are several tips to help make sure you qualify if you’re in […]

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Getting the Lowest Mortgage Rate Possible

When it comes to getting your home loan, nearly everyone wants to get the lowest mortgage rate possible. The question is how to do this…the answer doesn’t have to be as confusing as it might seem. The first step to getting the best mortgage rates possible is for you to understand how mortgage rates are […]

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