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How to Refinance With the Best Mortgage Rates

If you’re considering refinancing your home mortgage you may be concerned about how to refinance without getting ripped off. According the Secretary of Housing and Urban development homeowners in the United States overpay nearly sixteen billion dollars every year in the form of junk fees and unnecessary mortgage rate markup. Here are several tips to […]

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How to Refinance Your Mortgage Without Paying Too Much

If you are considering refinancing your mortgage but are concerned about overpaying for the new loan there are steps you can take to avoid paying too much. Despite a faltering economy it is possible to refinance your home loan, lower your monthly payment and even put cash in your pocket in the process. Here are […]

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How to Qualify For a New Mortgage When Refinancing Your Home Loan

If you are considering mortgage refinancing but are uncertain if you can qualify for a new loan there are steps you can take to improve your chances. It’s no secret that mortgage lenders have tightened their standards for loan approval and in today’s economy many homeowners are feeling the pinch. Here are several tips to […]

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Can I Refinance My Mortgage If My Home Is Underwater or Upside Down?

When the Real Estate bubble burst many homeowners particularly in parts of the country like California and Florida saw their property values plummet. If you were one of these homeowners you may have gone from having as much as $50,000 in equity to being under water. The burning question for homeowners who find themselves in […]

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E-Loan Deceives Mortgage Shoppers

Take a trip to the E-Loan website and you’ll be greeted by a graphic of the US Capital building announcing that the “Fed Cuts Rates,” to 1.00% down 1.2 a point. That’s truly amazing…but what does that have to do with mortgage rates? Absolutely nothing. The rate cut that took place on 10/29/2008 was to […]

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