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If you’re considering refinancing your mortgage in the State of Colorado, finding the right person to originate your mortgage loan can save you thousands of dollars and many future headaches. Robert Blake is a licensed mortgage broker in the State of Colorado and is fairly outspoken against Yield Spread Premium and bank mortgage loans on his Blog “The Mortgage Insider.”

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If you’ve watched the free video tutorial available on this site, you know that Yield Spread Premium is the unnecessary markup of your mortgage interest rate by the loan originator to boost their commission. This markup could be subtle, as little as a quarter percent; however, if you unknowingly agree to pay it you’ll spend thousands of dollars in unnecessary mortgage interest. As for banks, bank originated mortgage loans are just plain evil. Banks mark up their mortgage interest rates to make a profit by selling your loan on the secondary market and are not legally required to tell you that they’re doing this.

If you’re in the market for a new mortgage loan in Colorado, a good mortgage broker can be an excellent resource for securing loan offers you might not find shopping on your own. Finding an honest mortgage broker can be a difficult task as these individuals are almost always paid by commission. The mortgage that gives them the largest commission may not be the best loan for your situation; this is why it is important to do your homework before refinancing your mortgage.

So if you’re refinancing your mortgage in Colorado, check out Robert Blake’s mortgage Blog “The Mortgage Insider,” and tell him you won’t stand for Yield Spread Premium.

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