Mortgage Broker Pitfalls

Home Loan Refinance Secret Exposed

Want the lowest home loan refinance rates for your next mortgage? Here’s one dirty secret your lender hopes you won’t know about.

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Can You Trust Your Mortgage Broker?

Can you trust your mortgage broker to refinance your home loan or are they all con artists looking to line their pockets at your expense?

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Top Mortgage Company When Refinancing Is…

Who’s the top mortgage company to refinance your home mortgage loan? The answer might surprise you…

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Refinance My Home Loan

If you’re searching for information on the Internet to help you refinance your home loan, you’re probably concerned about paying too much for the new mortgage. Most homeowners understand how mortgage rates affect their monthly payment amount but not many know their mortgage rates are marked up to give a commission to the broker. Here […]

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How to Refinance Your Home Loan Without Paying Too Much

Remember those old commercials “I’m not going to pay a lot for this muffler!” This is the attitude people should adopt with their mortgage companies when it comes to refinancing a home loan. Unfortunately saying it and actually doing this are two entirely different things…unless you learn how mortgage companies make their money. Here are […]

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