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Cash Out Mortgage Refinancing Pros and Cons

Are you a homeowner in need of cash and are considering taking out equity in your home? Borrowing against your home’s equity is a way to consolidate bills, pay medical or educational expenses, or make home repairs. Understanding the different types of home equity loans will help you avoid paying too much for the financing; […]

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How to Save on Home Appraisal Fees

When refinancing your mortgage or borrowing against the equity in your home, the lender may require a recent home appraisal before approving your loan. Full blown appraisals typically run in the neighborhood of $300; however, there are ways to save money on your appraisal. There are four varieties of appraisals you should be aware of. […]

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What Is Cash Out Mortgage Refinancing

Cash out mortgages are no different than conventional loans except that you walk way from closing with a check in hand. The money you borrow comes from your home equity and is added to the outstanding balance of your loan. Suppose for example you refinance your 8.5% mortgage on a $175,000 balance to a new […]

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Bad Credit Home Equity Loans

Qualifying for a home equity loan with bad credit is not as difficult as you think. Many homeowners with poor credit think their credit will prevent them from qualifying for a loan. This is simply not true, especially when it comes to home equity loans. Home equity loans are secured by your home just like […]

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Second Mortgage Loan: The Basics of Home Equity Loans

If you are considering tapping your home equity for any reason, there are several loan options available to you. These options include home equity lines of credit, second mortgage loans, and cash out refinancing. Each type of home equity loan has advantages and disadvantages; the home equity loan option you should choose depends on your […]

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