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Are Wells Fargo Home Rebate Card Rewards a Gimmick?

Are you considering the Wells Fargo Home Rebate Card to pay down your mortgage balance? Is this a good deal or a marketing gimmick?

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Get The Lowest Refinance Rates By Improving Your Credit Score

If you’re not getting the refinance rate quotes that lenders are advertising the likely culprit is your credit score. Here’s how to fix that.

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Your Mortgage & Your Credit

Improving your credit score can make the all the difference when it comes to refinancing your mortgage…here’s how to do it FAST.

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Beware Free Credit Report Dot Scam

It’s important to check your credit reports before refinancing…just watch out for free credit report dot scams.

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Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure?

The “credit crisis” along with the predatory lending practices of companies like Countrywide Home Loans has left a record number of homeowners facing foreclosure in the United States. This is the first article in a series I am writing about avoiding foreclosure; if you’re a homeowner in trouble with your mortgage or have already received […]

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