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Bank Mortgage Refinancing

The Ugly Truth About Bank Mortgage Rates

Are you refinancing with a bank mortgage loan? Here’s the ugly truth you need about bank mortgage rates to avoid paying too much.

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Should Banks do Mortgages?

Bank mortgage refinancing could be an expensive mistake thanks to a loophole in disclosure laws that protect you from dirty lenders; here’s why.

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Refinancing Banks

You might be considering refinancing your home mortgage loan with your bank or credit union to take advantage of today’s low interest rates. After all, what could be more convenient than simply transferring your mortgage payment out of your checking account? Are bank originated mortgage loans really the best deal for your home mortgage? Here […]

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Are Mortgage Brokers Better Than Banks When Refinancing?

In a single word…yes, your mortgage broker is better. There are a number of reasons that direct mortgage lenders and banks should be avoided at all costs when refinancing your home loan. Banks and other direct mortgage companies can legally hide the profit they make from marking up your mortgage rate where a mortgage broker […]

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No Fee Mortgage Loans Don’t Exist

If you’re considering a “no cost” or “no fee” mortgage loan for your home loan there are several things you need to know about these loans to avoid paying too much. Whenever lenders talk about “no fee” mortgage loans they are always trading off a higher mortgage rate in exchange for lender fees paid at […]

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