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Quicken Loans Mortgage Review

Quicken Loans Review

Quicken loans has been a nation-wide direct lender for over 26 years and claims to make your mortgage refi the easiest thing you’ll ever do.

JD Power & Associates ranks Quicken Loans as having the highest customer satisfaction for primary mortgage loan origination; however, what about junk fees and closing costs?

Rating by Robert Regehr: 3.5 stars

If you’re considering mortgage refinancing with Quicken Loans here’s my Review to help you make an informed decision for your next home loan. (Please note: this is not a sponsored review and I receive no compensation from Quicken Loans whatsoever.) Quicken Loans Inc., is a subsidiary of Rock Holdings Inc., which has dealings in everything from biotech to casinos. The name “Quicken Loans” is a service mark of Intuit Inc., which you might be familiar with from their once popular Quicken personal finance software. They also do business as Rock Financial in Michigan and One Reverse Mortgage in California.

Quicken Loans Review

Quicken loans offers conventional home loans as well as government-backed FHA and VA mortgage loans in all 50 states via their website and toll-free 800 number. According to their parent company, Quicken Loans closed $30 billion dollars in home loans in 2010; and are claiming to be doing even better this year.

Quicken Loans primarily markets their services with television and online advertising utilizing their call center to sell mortgage products. One of the downsides of Quicken Loans is that they require a non-refundable “deposit” from all of their customers. If you’re considering mortgage refinancing with Quicken Loans you will be required to pay this upfront to get the process started.

Quicken Loans Contact Information

On the Web:


Toll-Free Phone Numbers:

(800) 251-9080
(800) 863-4332

Email: help@quickenloans.com

Corporate Address:

Quicken Loans
20555 Victor Parkway, Livonia, MI 48152

Quicken Loans Opt-Out Information

The company offers a way to opt-out of their marketing efforts if you don’t wish to be contacted by Quicken Loans. You can change your privacy options by calling (800) 863-4332 or by emailing optout@quickenloans.com.

Quicken Loans Complaints

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Quicken Loans has had 957 complaints during the past three years and closed 220 of those complaints during the last 12 months. Searching Google for “Quicken Loan Complaints” reveals about 463,000 results which may or may not be relevant.

Should you trust your mortgage refinance to Quicken Loans? The best thing to do is comparison shop based on refinance rates and fees including that non-refundable deposit. One of the most common mortgage mistakes is not negotiating fees and closing costs. Before completing mortgage refinancing on the Quicken Loan’s website, be sure to call the toll-free number at (800) 251-9080 and ask for a detailed explanation of all fees. Don’t be afraid to haggle over lender fees and closing costs when dealing with Quicken Loans.

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  • HughMac August 24, 2015, 12:45 am

    I discovered the fastest way to get your problem resolved with Quicken Loans or its sister company, Title Source, is to contact the executives via their direct lines. They will then personally oversee resolution of your complaint even if it is delegated to a subordinate. Those numbers are: Bill Emerson, Chief Executive Officer, (734) 552-6479; Jay Farner, President (the one doing all the commercials), (734) 552-6469; or Brian Hughes, Chief Operating Officer for Title Source (if you are using Title Source for your title preparation), (248) 767-4002. Since they are always reporting they are JD Power’s #1 pick for Customer Satisfaction & Service, I’m sure they would only be too happy to help each of you out. The last time I posted this helpful information, the Company had it removed. Please include these numbers in all your future posts to help others down the line. Good luck!

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