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Got a Home Loan in Virginia?
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Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union

Are you considering Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union for your next home loan? How does Franklin Mint FCU compare to top mortgage companies like Amerisave and Navy Federal Credit Union? Here is my unbiased review of Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union services, interest rates and fees.

Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union

Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union has several branches in Pennsylvania and offers personal banking and mortgage lending.

Should you trust FMFCU with your next home loan? How do their fees and services compare to the top mortgage lenders online?

Rating by Robert Regehr: 2.0 stars

Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union

Founded in 1970 to serve the Delaware Valley region of Pennsylvania, FMFCU has 74,048 members and $745,707,843 in assets according to the NCUA. There are 33 branches throughout the region and a network of 28,000 free ATMs for members. Membership is open to employees of 1,500 organizations including school districts in the area.

You are eligible for Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union membership if you live, go to school, work, volunteer or worship in the Borough of West Chester, the City of Chester, Southeastern Delaware County, Norristown, and North New Castle County Pennsylvania.

FMFCU Contact Information

By Phone:

(610) 325-5100
(800) 220-3193



By Mail:

Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 1907
Media, PA 19063-8907

Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union Review

FMFCU is a full-service credit union offering account for individuals and businesses. Purchase and mortgage refinancing interest rates are published on the website. Mortgage rates were competitive with the best mortgage lenders online and the published interest rates did not include discount points.

Points are a fee you pay to buy down your interest rates at closing. Because purchase and mortgage refinance rates are at the lowest levels in 60 years paying discount points is usually unnecessary; however, many lenders will try to trick you into spending the extra money.

Interestingly, Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union is licensed to originate home loans in every state except Texas and California so you could stay with them if you move.

Do you have an opinion or an experience with Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union that you’d like to share? Please Leave a comment below!

FMFCU offers a variety of home loan options including conventional fixed-rate mortgages with term lengths ranging from 40, 30, 25, 20, 15 and 10 years. They also offer Adjustable Rate Mortgages with one year, 3/1, 5/1, 7,1 and 10/1 options. If you’re unfamiliar with ARMs, the first number is the fixed rate period and the second number is the timeframe for resetting the interest rate. The 5/1 ARM for example is fixed for the first five years and resets every year after.

There is an online application and you’ll get to choose your loan officer from a bio with their picture; however, I was unable to find a fee disclosure on the website. Fees like the origination fee, application fee, and processing fee make or break the deal you’re getting.

The lack of disclosure by Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union is the only fault I could find with their services. The best credit unions reviewed here are upfront with fees and I’ve seen loan origination fees as low as .2 percent.

Should you trust Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union with your next home loan? I would recommend shopping around more upfront lenders comparing both mortgage rates and fees. You can learn more about getting the best deal for your next home loan without paying unnecessary fees or discount points by checking out my free Underground Mortgage Videos.

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