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Got a Home Loan in Virginia?
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Jumbo Mortgage Rates

With jumbo mortgage rates being at an all time low, many homeowners are looking to refinance their homes in order to save thousands of dollars in monthly payments and interest. Whether you are looking to pay off higher interest debts or simply save yourself a couple hundred dollars each month, it’s important that you understand how to refinance mortgage loans properly. Let’s look at some important things to think about before you attempt to refinance a jumbo mortgage:

  • Know You Want and Need: Before you engage in a process that involves hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s important that you identify your financial goals. How much do you want to lower your monthly payments? How much are you hoping to save and what jumbo mortgage rates are you hoping to obtain? Knowing what you want will help keep you from getting suckered into doing something you don’t want to do.
  • Compare Rates and Learn: To properly refinance mortgage loans, take some time to evaluate your current loan against current rates and options. Learn everything you can about the ins and outs of jumbo mortgage refinancing. Try to think through every detail that might exist before you refinance mortgage loans.
  • Figure Out If and How Much You Will Save: We are currently seeing some of the best mortgages available in history, but each homeowner’s circumstances are different. Do the math and calculate how much money you will really save when everything is said and done. How long will take you to recuperate refinancing costs? Are there any variables that may affect your finances like job relocation, sickness, having more kids?

Remember, jumbo mortgage rates are higher than conventional ones because they are used to pay for luxury homes which are often more difficult to resell. If you have to move for whatever reason, there is a higher chance that you will be upside-down if your equity is low.

  • Find Out if You Qualify: To get the best mortgages available, you need to qualify. You might have your home appraised and fill out an application to see if you are able to obtain refinanced jumbo mortgage rates that will actually end up saving you money.

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