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Information About Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage LendersIf you are in the market to refinance your home loan and came to this site looking for information about mortgage lenders, there are several things you need to know to avoid paying too much for your next mortgage loan. The first thing you need to know is that with the exception of bank originated mortgage loans, home loans in the United States are retail products and therefore you will pay retail markup by the person arranging your loan.

You might think “I’ll just go to a bank to avoid this markup…” However, because banks fund their loans with their own money they are exempt from legislation in the United States that required mortgage lenders to disclose their markup making it impossible for you to get the best deal possible from your bank. Here are several tips to help you find the best information about mortgage lenders and save thousands of dollars on your next mortgage loan.

Mortgage Rate Markup

It’s a little known fact in the United States that mortgage loans are marked up by the person arranging the loan for a commission. In the Industry the commission on this markup is called Yield Spread Premium and many brokers conveniently leave the markup off their Good Faith Estimates when quoting you a loan. Mortgage Brokers are required by the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act to disclose their markup on the HUD-1 Settlement Statement; however, many brokers have clever ways of hiding this markup and the commission the lender pays them.

Yield Spread Premium 101

Suppose you are refinancing your home for $275,000. The broker quotes you a mortgage rate of 6.75% and charges you an origination fee of 2.5% for the loan. The origination fee is what the broker discloses as their fee for arranging your loan and in this case you’ll be charged $6,875 at closing. It’s not uncommon for mortgage brokers to charge as much as 3-4% for the origination fee which if you follow the system found in the free videos on this site you can refinance your home for a flat 1% origination fee. What the mortgage broke isn’t telling you is that your lender actually approved you for a 6.25% interest rate and they’ve marked it up to 6.75% for their commission.

Mortgage lenders pay brokers one percent of your loan amount for every .25% they overcharge you on the mortgage rate. That’s right; in this example the broker pockets an additional 2% of your loan amount for overcharging you. You’re already paying the broker $6,875 for arranging your loan, but the broker pockets another $5,500 at your expense. You get stuck paying $173 more every month in this example just to pay for the mortgage broker’s “extra commission.”

The Best Information About Mortgage Lenders Is Free

The good news for you is that you can avoid this unnecessary markup of your mortgage rate and get the monthly payment that you deserve. The free videos provided on this website show you how to refinance your home loan without paying commission based markup with a flat 1% origination fee. You’ll save thousands of dollars each and every year that you keep the loan. Register today…the videos are yours fee with no strings attached.

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