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Got a Home Loan in Virginia?
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Refinancing Your Mortgage Loan During a Recession

Fed rate cutEvery time you turn on the television these days it seems like the news is bad. Today the story was “World Markets Plummet” like a newspaper headline from a comic book. While today’s news may be filled with stories of higher unemployment and a faltering economy, there is good news for homeowners who are looking to refinance their mortgages. Mortgage rates have been falling and remain at very low levels. Savvy homeowners who understand wholesale rates can refinance with mortgage rates as low as 5.25%.

The mortgage industry is currently shouldering the blame for most of our current economic problems; however, these lower mortgage interest rates could not have come at a better time. Lower mortgage rates cause an increase in buyer demand and allow struggling homeowners the opportunity to refinance with lower payments. Whether or not lower interest rates will help prevent a recession is yet to be seen; however, there is a real opportunity for homeowners looking to refinance their mortgages.

Trends in Mortgage Rates

The Federal Reserve is expected to continue lowering the discount rate in an attempt to stem inflation and stimulate our economy in the hope of preventing a recession. The Federal Reserve started lowering interest rates in August of 2007; however, there has been little improvement in the economy thus far. While the Federal Reserve does not control mortgage rates, these rates are heavily influenced by the Federal Reserve and the economy. When the Federal Reserve started lowering short-term interest rates in August of 2007 mortgage rates reacted accordingly and have been declining ever since. This trend is welcome news as mortgage rates had been as high as 7% for many homeowners prior to August of 2007.

Will Mortgage Rates Bottom Out?

If you’re on the fence about refinancing your mortgage you might think that by watching rates you can get a better deal when mortgage rates drop further. Heck, rumor has it the Fed will keep lowering interest rates to simulate our dismal economy. Just keep in mind that what the Fed does with short term interest rates doesn’t mean mortgage rates will follow. Mortgage Rates are a market rate based on risk and reward; there is no reason for mortgage rates to be artificially low just to stimulate economic growth. If you gamble now and wait you could find mortgage rates back over 6%…mortgage rates are next to impossible to predict and anyone that claims they can is trying to sell you something.

Basically if you have seen mortgage rates drop enough to cover your closing costs and come out ahead after refinancing, now is the time to get a new home loan. You can learn more about refinancing your mortgage and protecting yourself from the economy and greedy mortgage brokers by registering for a free video tutorial. Register now while this is still a free offer; the videos will show you how to refinance with a wholesale mortgage rate without paying lender junk fees.

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