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Mortgage Refinancing – How to Speed up Loan Approval

If you are in the process of refinancing your mortgage there are steps you can take to ensure the process goes smoothly. The first step you can take is to keep in touch with your lender and quickly respond when they ask you for information. Stay on top of your loan status by checking in with the mortgage representative every few days to check the status of your loan. Organize your notes and keep a record of your contacts with the mortgage company.

Make sure you provide all required documentation in a timely manner. By organizing your documentation before you apply, you will make your life easier during the application process. Here are the documents you will need during the mortgage refinancing process.

The real estate purchase contract for your home.

Your bank account statements, two months worth of pay stubs from your employer, and your w-2s or tax records for the last two years.

The most recent statement from your current mortgage company with the payoff balance and their 800 number.

By organizing your efforts prior to applying for the new mortgage the process will go much more smoothly. To learn more, register for our free mortgage guidebook. Apex Mortgage Refinance

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